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The Kiss to the Firefighter
The Kiss to the Firefighter

The Kiss to the Firefighter

In Private Collection
24 by 36 by 1.5 in.
Acrylic on Canvas

An internet image of a firefighters rescue of a female pregnant Doberman at a house fire in North Carolina USA, taken by the newpaper photographer.  When he came out to rest, she saw him and walked over to give him a kiss.  The photographer captured the shot.  This is a firefighter at their best.

This image has circulated the internet to all dog lovers.  It was an amazing shot for the newspaper photographer to capture, North Carolina USA.  I felt this painting had to go up in our new Firehall.  It is part of a donation of 7 large images by the Group of Several and one jointly painted, 22 pieces, vintage firetruck to be installed as well.  As a well deserved gift.