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Vintage Horse Drawn Firetruck
Vintage Horse Drawn Firetruck

Vintage Horse Drawn Firetruck

In Private Collection
4 by 5 by 1 ft.
Acrylic on Canvas
Contemporary Realism

Firetruck image painted in 22 pieces by the Group of Several, assembled as a 4x5 foot painting.  There are 5 of us surrounding the painting.  

This was an amazing conception by the Group of Several.  Nine of us chose different pieces of the 8x10 inch photo layout of the vintage Firetruck.  We stayed with our 12by12 and 12by24 inch canvas sizes.  It took a bit to figure it out as each individual piece was completely abstract on its own.  Then it was like a wildfire of creative activity.  We were energized and mesmerized.  When we put it together, we were so surprised at the bright colours and technique.