• Group of Several
    Gabriola Island
  • 2019 SEAGULLS
  • $950.00
    24 by 24 by 1.5 in.
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Year Created:


Left to right 24x12 Acrylic "Itsy Bitsy Bikini" by Esther Robison; 12x12 Acrylic  "Downward Yogull" by Darla Jamieson; 12x12 Acrylic "Living on and Island" by Randi Lynch. 

Artist's Comments:

The Group of Several creates a series every other year and this year, in 2019 it is SEAGULLS.  These paintings were in our Art Collection.

When we choose a series and begin to paint, our humour and interests richochets about like seagulls after a morsel of fried chips.  We inspire each other.  

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