2017 Mirror Lake by Franklin Carmichael
  • Group of Several
    Gabriola Island
  • 2017 Mirror Lake by Franklin Carmichael
  • Sold
    36 by 48 by 1.5 in.
    Acrylic on Canvas
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Year Created:


"Mirror Lake" by Franklin Carmichael was chosen by the Group of Several.  It is a colourful and beautiful painting.  The Group of Several chose to study the Group of Seven and the format for the Carmichael and the Harris painting would be painted as a collection of pieces by the 8 individual artists.  These Collections of individual pieces is part of the Group of Several's "Signature".

Artist's Comments:

This was difficult.  We did choose basic colours, but the palette was large.  We were working from little 2x2 sections cut from the 8x10 print.  Each individually chosen piece  was hard to visualize in the final painting.  We seemed to be all over the place, unable to find horizon lines and there were quite a few(8-9) in this painting.  The joining together at the end was the most fun, which is why we choose to take on these Signature paintings.

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