RE Tired. 2017. Cars
  • Group of Several
    Gabriola Island
  • RE Tired. 2017. Cars
  • Sold
    12 by 12 by 0.5 in.
    Acrylic on Canvas
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Contemporary Realism


Year Created:


2017. A Series for this year was CARS.  

Artist's Comments:

FUN. and we learned about cars.  Cathie Compton was brilliant at painting her 3 cars.  She and her husband owned three old cars.  

These were very popular, they were copied to hang at the gas station and they have gone out as greeting cards to the Gabriola Automobile Club.  They were lots of fun to do as well.  One of the artists has put here three together as a gift to the new grandson baby and his mum and dad. 

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